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County Antrim is part of the Ulster Province in Northern Ireland. Clans originating or associated with this county include:  Aiken, Bell, Bissett, Boyd, Brown, Burns, Campbell, Craig, DeBurgo, DeCourcy, DeLacy, Diamond, Donnelan, Dunluce, Ferguson, Dugan, Earle, Graham, Greene, Hall, Hamill, Hamilton, Hession, Hoctor, Johnston, Kerr, Law, Lacy, Lynch, Magee, MacAlister, MacClean, MacCleary, MacCracken, MacCully, MacCurdy, MacDonagall, MacDonnell, MacDougal, MacGee, MacGuigan, MacIntee, MacKeon, MacKinley, MacLaughlin, MacNally, MacNeill, MacNellis, MacQuillan, Martin, Maxwell, Miller, Moore, Murboly, O'Criodan, O'Eric, O'Flynn, O'Furry, O'Hamill, O'Hannon, O'Hara, O'Hood, O'Kane, O'Keevan, O'Kernaghan, O'Lavery, O'Lynn, O'Mulholland, O'Neill, O'Quinn, O'Shiel, Quillan, Reid, Riordan, Robinson, Scott, Smith, Stewart, Thompson, Toome, Wallace, Welsh, Williamson, Wilson.


Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

County Antrim Tartan Accessories

  • Each of the 32 counties in Ireland are represented by their own unique tartan. All Irish County Tartan Items are: 

    • 100% Pure Scottish Wool
    • Made in Scotland 
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