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For those of Celtic or Gaelic lineage who are betrothed, American Highlander offers Kilted Wedding packages. From basic kilt attire for more informal ceremonies to Medieval Kilt Ensembles all of the way up to Full Formal Kilt Outfits with Prince Charles or Duke of Argyle jackets and waistcoats, we can help you display your heritage on your special day. The kilt is the national dress of Scotland. However, kilts are also a way for anyone of Celtic or Gaelic origin or anyone who feels a tie to that heritage for whatever reason to don the garb of the highlander. 

Prince Charles Formal Wedding Outfit.jpg


If you or your ancestors are from any of the Seven Celtic Nations of Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Wales, The Isle of Man, Brittany or Galicia, consider the kilt. So many people of Celtic Origin have settled in and helped build our great country that we at American Highlander consider the United States to be the 8th Celtic Nation and we encourage all Americans to adopt the kilt. Highland dress is not just for weddings but is also most appropriate for New Year’s Eve (Hogmanay), Burns Night Suppers, St. Patrick’s Day, storming a castle or any formal or semi-formal event.


To learn more about our Kilted Wedding Packages, call 732-279-6530 or stop in at our NJ Shop at 186 Scotch Road in Ewing, New Jersey 08628 to see our extensive selection of Kilts, Sporrans, Kilt Pins, Kilt Hose, Highland Attire and any all type of Kilt Accessories from top International Mills and Designers. Carry on the legacy of your forefathers and foremothers at American Highlander!



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