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Military, Law Enforcement and First-Responder Tartans designed for those who keep us safe and free.

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    I’m gonna make a shout out for a business that did a major solid for me for The PaddyShack Event yesterday. I was in a pinch with another company who fell short in shipping expectations for my Leatherneck Tartan Kilt. So I contacted Chris at American Highlander to see if they could help. Low and behold, he’s Johnny on the spot with a reply and a deal was struck. He packaged the kilt, flashes, pin and sporran up and dropped it off to the post office himself with 2 day Priority Mail. He also followed up with the shipping progress and sent me notifications on it. That’s above par service in my book.
    The kilt is a nice quality item that I’m proud to wear and several other Marines noticed it as well. If you’re in the market, give em a look. Cheers!!

    - John Ryti

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