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For generations in the Scottish Highlands, men of Gaelic lineage have donned the kilt in lieu of trousers. Unique in their manners and independent in their spirit, these Highlanders established their own customs, music, and culture and resisted the tyranny of outsiders. Today, men of Scottish and Irish decent wear the kilt to show their Gaelic pride and to honour their ancestors.

The spirit of the Highland warrior is embodied in American Highlander in Ewing, NJ, importer of fine kilts and kilt accessories. Order your kilt today, explore your heritage and join the legion of highlanders around the globe.

Now is the time to show the world you’re proud to be a Gael.

Check out our Feature Story in U.S. 1 News!
(Princeton, NJ)  

Thanks to U.S. 1 Newspaper - PrincetonInfo and Dan Aubrey for the recent feature on our journey here at American Highlander Kilts. Enjoy the story and stay tuned for info on our expansion and Grand Re-Opening events!

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