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The great kilt (or belted plaid) is the original kilt of the Scottish Highlander. Dating back to the early 1600s, the kilt was a long a piece of fabric that was folded several times by hand to create layers (pleats).  The wearer would sit down on the folded fabric, wrap the sides around them, then attach a belt or rope around their waist to secure the fabric. The lower portion kept the wearer modest while the upper portion could be used as a blanket, a rain cloak, a pouch to carry items, or secured over the shoulder when not needed. It was truly the Highlander's all purpose garment.


Wallace Modern 5 Yard Great Kilt:


  • Made of Wool Blended fabric
  • Measures 5 yards in length & 48 inches in width

Wallace 5 yard Great Kilt

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