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" Braithre Thar Gach Ni" 


Color: Green/Black/Blue/Red


American Highlander is thrilled to bring to you The Brotherhood Tartan Kilt. A tartan that connects us all in Celtic culture through colors and meaning. Four corners of the globe where Celtic culture has spread shown in Green. Blue for the seas that separate us. As Red is the bloodline that connects all Celts. Lastly Black reminds us of all our brothers that perished fighting for freedom. This tartan is perfect Casual and Formal wear.  

  • Blended Wool Tartan
  • 8 Yard of Fabric 
  • Mutiple Deep Pleats 
  • Kilt Length 24 inches 
  • Leather Straps with Silver Buckles


The Brotherhood Kilt

$175.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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