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!!ON SALE!! MacLeod Of Lewis Modern 8 Yard Men's Formal Kilt. These kilts were ordered by a pipe band for formal competitions and half way through production the pipe band changed the tartan they required. As a result, these fine kilts must be sold at a fraction of the regular price. Features of these kilts include:


  • 16oz. 100% Scottish Wool
  • 3 Premium Black Leather straps for a secure fit
  • Several deep pleats for the best hang and kilt swing.
  • Pleat to Sett
  • Sewn down lining for comfort
  • Made in Scotland by House Of Edgar


Kilt measurements are Waist 42" Hip 42" Length 22.5". Minor alterations can be made to these for proper fit. Please see our instructions on how to measure for a kilt.

MacLeod Of Lewis Modern 8yd Formal Kilt W 42" H 42" L 22.5"

$600.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
  • Have someone help you with these measurements if possible.

    To obtain the waist measurement, measure around the navel. This is your natural waist. It's important to relax (no sucking it in) when taking this measurement so the kilt will not fit too tightly. Remember, a kilt is all about comfort!

    To obtain a hip measurement, measure the distance around your pelvic area at the widest point of your body, leaving 2 fingers in between the tape and your body so it's not too tight

    To obtain the length, measure the distance between the natural waist and the middle of the knee cap. A good way to do this is to kneel on

    the floor and measure the distance from the natural waist to the floor.

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