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Septs: Aberach, Abrach, Aed, Allan, Allen, Aoidh, Aue, Ave, Ay, Aye, Ayson, Bain, Baine, Baines, Bane, Bayin, Bayn, Bayne, Baynes, Baynne, Bean, Beanes, Beine, Bene, Bhaine, Cay, Caw, Coid, Coy, Eason, Easson, Esson, Eye, Faill, Fall, Ghie, Gilliam, Heth, Iye, Kae, Kay, Keay, Kee, Keye, Keyes, Keys, Kie, M'Cay, M'aKie, M'Gy, M'Kay, M'Kee, M'Ky, Mac'Key, Mac'Ky, Macaedh, Macaedha, Macaenghusa, Macahay, Macajee, Macai, Macakey, MacAllan, MacAllen, MacAidh, MacAiodh, MacAodha, MacAoidh, MacAth, MacAw, MacAy, MacBain, MacBayne, MacCa, MacCaa, MacCaid, MacCaidh, MacCaoidh, MacCaw, MacCawe, MacCay, MacCee, MacCey, MacCie, Maccky, Maccoy, MacCoid, MacCoy, MacCue,MacDhia, MacEda, MacEke, MacEth, MacEthe, MacFaell, MacFail, MacFal, MacFale, MacFall, MacFaul, MacFauld, MacFaull, MacFayle, MacFoill, MacFyall, MacGaa, MacGaughey, MacGaw, MacGay, MacGe, Macgee, Macgeehee, Macghee, Macghie, MacGye, MacHeth, MacIdh, MacIeie, Macilvain, MacIsall, MacIye, MacKa, MacKaa, MacKaay, MacKai, MacKau, MacKaw, MacKawe, MacKay, MacKaye, MacKaw, MacKCoy, MacKe, MacKeay, MacKee, Makees, MacKeiay, MacKeiy, MacKer, MacKew, MacKey, MacKhee, MacKiewicz, MacKie, MacKieson, MacKiye, MacKkcee, MacKcie,Makke, Makkee, Makkey, Makkie, Makkoy, Makky, Mca, Mcacay, Mcay, McBain, McBayne, McCa, McCaa, McCaw, McCay, McCee, McCie, McCoy, McCoye, McEy, McFall, McFaul, McGe, McGee, McGeiiee, MacKphaill, MacKy, MacKye, MacPaill, MacPaul, MacPhael, MacPhaell, MacPhail, MacPhaile, MacPhaill, MacPhale, MacPhaul, MacPhaull, MacPhayll, MacPhell, MacPhial, MacPhiel, MacQha, MacQua, MacQuade, MacQuaid, MacQuey, MacQuhae, MacQuid, MacQuiod, MacVail, MacVale, MacWhaugh, MacWhaw, MacWhey, MacWhy, MacYe, Makaw, Makay, Makca, Makcaw, Makcawe, Makcoe,Makfaill, Makfale, Makfele, Makie, Makkaw, Makkcae, Makke, Makkee, Makkey, Makkie, Makphaile, Maky, Morgan, Morgund, Murgan, Neelson, Neillsone, Neilson, Neilsone, Neilsoun, Neilsoune, Neleson, Nelesoun, Nelson, Nelsone, Nelsonne, Nelsoun, Neylsone, Nickphaile, Nielson, Nilson, Nilsone, Nilsoune, Nylson, Pal Paul, Paule, Paull, Paulson, Paulsoun, Poilson, Poilsone, Poilsoun, Pol Pole, Poleson, Pollsoun, Polson ,Polsone, Polsoun, Polsun, Polyson, Polysoun, Poulson, Quaid, Quay, Quoid, Strathnaver, Vail


Motto: Manu Forti (With a strong hand)


Clan MacKay Dress Modern Custom 8-Yard Wool Blend Kilt made to your measurements. All Wool Blend Custom Kilts are made in the old world style featuring sewn down 2-inch pleats and 3 leather straps for a secure, comfortable fit.


Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


MacKay Dress

  • Have someone help you with these measurements if possible.


    To obtain the waist measurement, measure around the navel. This is your natural waist. It's important to relax (no sucking it in) when taking this measurement so the kilt will not fit too tightly. Remember, a kilt is all about comfort!


    To obtain the length, measure the distance between the natural waist and the middle of the knee cap. A good way to do this is to kneel on the floor and measure the distance from the natural waist to the floor.


    If you don't see your size, no worries! Just message us with your measurements and the tartan you would like.

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