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Septs: Abrach Addison Alcock Alexander Allan Allanson/Allison Ambrose Anderson Arnot Balloch Baxter Beaton Bethune Bisset Blue Bowie Boyd Boyle Bradley Brady Brodie Brown Budge Buie Bulloch Burke Cain Calbraith Callan Cambridge Canochson Carmichael Carroon Chambers Clark Clerk Cochran Colson Cone Conlay Conn Connell Connely Cook Coppock Cowan Cromb Crum Cunningham Currie /Curry Daniel Darroch Dennison Donald Donaldson Donnell Drain Dunsleve Ellison Fletcher Forrestor Foster Galbraith Galt Gilbride Gill Gililan Gillis Glashan Glass Godfrey Gowan Gray Greenfield Hattan Hawthorn Henderson Hendry Henry Herron Hewison Houston Howe Howie Howison Huchon Huchonson Hudson Hughson Huie HustonHutchin Hutchinson Hutchison Isaacson Isles JeffreyJohnson Kane Kean/Kain Keegan Kelly Kendrick Kennedy Kerigan Kessock Killough Kinnel Lang Leach Livingston Lynn MacAichan MacAlasdair MacAlexander MacAllan MacAllister MacAlonie MacAmbrose MacArthur MacBaxter MacBeth MacBodach MacBrayne MacBrehon MacBreif MacBretine MacBride MacBrion MacBrolachan MacBryde MacBurie MacCaffer MacCaig MacCain MacCairlie MacCaldret MacCaleb MacCall MacCallan MacCallister MacCalman MacCambridge MacCannel MacCarlich MacCarrol MacCarron MacCarter MacCash MacCathail MacCavor MacCellach MacChanney MacCleary MacCleireach MacClellan MacCluskey MacCochran MacCodrum MacColl MacConacher MacConlea MacConn MacConnell MacCook MacCorie MacCormick MacCorran MacCosham MacCotter MacCowan MacCoy MacCrain MacCrindle MacCrory MacCrum MacCuaig MacCuish MacCuithein MacCulloch MacCullochMacCumbray MacCurry MacCutchen MacCuthan MacDaniel MacDonald MacDonell MacDonleavy MacDonnell MacDougall MacEachan MacEachern MacEanruig MacElfrish MacElheran MacEntire MacEoghain MacGachen MacGeachie MacGee MacGilbride MacGill MacGillechallum MacGillecongall MacGillelan MacGillespie MacGillies MacGillifedder MacGilliver MacGillivoir MacGilp MacGinnis MacGlashan MacGlasrich MacGorrie MacGowan MacGugan MacHatton MacHendrie MacHenry MacHouston MacHugh MacHutchen MacIan MacIlbra MacIlbride MacIlchomhghain MacIchrum MacIldonie MacIldowie MacIlfersane MacIlhatton MacIlheron MacIllemartine MacIllergan MacIllibuie MacIllighlais MacIllguirine MacIllimhicall MacIlmaluag MacIlneive MacIlraith MacIlraich MacIlvenna MacIlvie MacIlvoir MacIlvrenenich MacInlay MacIndayn MacIndeor MacInleich MacInleister MacInnes MacInstocker MacIntaylour MacInturner MacIntyre MacIsaac MacIver MacKain MacKay MacKeachan MacKean MacKechern MacKechnie MacKee MacKeithan MacKelloch MacKelly MacKenabry MacKendrick MacKerracher MacKerral MacKerras MacKerron MacKessock MacKichan MacKeigan MacKiergan MacKillop MacKinnel MacKiver MacLae MacLafferty MacLairish MacLardy MacLarty MacLaverty MacLeister MacLellan MacLergan MacLerich MacLinlagan MacLiver MacLucas MacLugas MacLulich MacLure MacLuskie MacManechin MacMarcus MacMarquis MacMath MacMay MacMhuirich MacMichael MacMichan MacMichie MacMitchell MacMoris MacMurchie MacMurdo MacMurdoch MacMurphy MacMurrich MacNakaird MacOnill MacOshen MacOshenag MacOwen MacPhail MacPhilip MacQueen MacQuilkenMacQuillan MacQuilly MacQuistan MacRanald MacRanie MacRankin MacRennie MacReynold MacRory MacRuairi MacRury MacScilling MacShannon MacSheehy MacSherry MacSorley MacSporran MacStaker MacStalker MacSwain MacSwan MacSween MacSweeney MacTrein MacUisdean MacVanish MacVannan MacVarish MacVey MacVicar MacVurrich MacWalrick MacWarish MacWhan MacWhannel MacWhellan MacWhiston MacWhithee MacWilkin MacWillie MacWurie Magee Magill Mann Manntach Marcus Marcusson Martin May Mayes Mays Michael Michaelson Michie Michison Milloy Mitchell Mitchelson Monk Murchie Murchison Murdoch Murdochson Murphy O’Brennan O’Brolachain O’Cahan O’Docharty O’Drain O’Hanley O’Kane O’Kerigan O’Loynachan O’May O’Shannaig O’Shannon O’Sheehy Padon Park Patton Philip Philipson Philpot Pittullich Polson Purcell Queen Quin Rainey Ranald Ranaldson Rankin Rennie Reoch Revie Reynolds Ronald Ronaldson Rorieson Rory Samuel Sanders Sanderson Shannon Sharp Shaw SheehySmith Sorleyson Sporran Stalker Sweeney Taylor Train Turner Whan Whannell Whallan MACQUILLANWilkie Wilkinson Wright


Motto: Per mare per terras (By sea and by land)


Clan MacDonald Custom 8-Yard Wool Blend Kilt made to your measurements. All Wool Blend Custom Kilts are made in the old world style featuring sewn down 2-inch pleats and 3 leather straps for a secure, comfortable fit.


Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.



  • Have someone help you with these measurements if possible.


    To obtain the waist measurement, measure around the navel. This is your natural waist. It's important to relax (no sucking it in) when taking this measurement so the kilt will not fit too tightly. Remember, a kilt is all about comfort!


    To obtain the length, measure the distance between the natural waist and the middle of the knee cap. A good way to do this is to kneel on the floor and measure the distance from the natural waist to the floor.


    If you don't see your size, no worries! Just message us with your measurements and the tartan you would like.

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