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New to kilts?


The American Highlander Kilt Package A is the best and most affordable way to be kilted without breaking the bank. The package includes:


  • Your choice of an in stock Wool Blend Kilt (Valued at $150)
  • American Highlander Kilts  premium Black Leather Signature Sporran (Valued at $50)
  • American Highlander Signature Kilt Pin (Valued at $20, FREE with the package!)


Everything you need to be traditionally kilted without someone holding your wallet, but wait there's more. Turn your already quailty Kilt Package A into a Plus with Cream Hoses, GreenFlashes and our Signature American  Highlander Buckle and Belt (Valued at $75) for at $50 more. Thats a $350 set for only $250. 

Kilt Package A (The Essentials)

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